It all starts with a stroll: a small path lined with wild flowers, a few trees, a pond, wild ducks and suddenly, beautiful little greenhouses planted right there in the middle of nature. This is the Greenhouses concept: 14 greenhouses set on a small pontoon in idyllic surroundings. A true invitation to commune with nature. 14 greenhouses from 2 to 6pers. Chiefs : Mallory Gabsi*, Choux de Bruxelles, Christophe Hardiquest**



Kbane comprises 9 cabins built from burnt wood, insulated and heated. Each Kbane is independent and can accommodate from 4 to 10 people. You'll have the opportunity to enjoy your aperitif on your private terrace in front of your cabin among the hundred-year-old oaks. It's raw, wild and woodsy. It's a world close to nature and animal life. Here, everything is ephemeral but authentic and warm, the kind of cabin you feel good in. Comfortable, cosy, supported by objects with a history, authenticity rather than design, you'll find your childhood soul here. Find out more about our refuge on request!

POP UP Venue

The Island

A private place, where dreams become a reality,<br /> Where the ephemeral becomes eternal. Where you only tell your best friends about it. Where the evening is a journey to the end of the world Where you create a new chapter in your life

POP UP Terrace


In the heart of Rhode-Saint-Genèse, discover an ephemeral 100% kidsfriendly terrace open from May to August, Wednesdays and Fridays, 5-10pm.

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